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About Us

So, you're standing in the fishing gear aisle pondering which colors and bait styles will be more likely to produce on your next trip.  Have you ever wished you could take the color from one of them and combine with another to make a secret deadly combination?  Or wish you could have all the combinations without spending a fortune?


Now there’s a better and easier solution that’s shaking up the fishing industry! 


Create Your Bait is the newest and coolest bait design on the market.  You can mix and match bodies, tails, and colors to create complete new custom baits in minutes.  No longer are you confined to the way it’s been done! Now you’re free to do it how it should be done with a system that’s proven to catch fish.


With Create Your Bait you can step outside the box and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of lure combinations.  Now you can make your very own secret, custom baits which no one else has!


There’s two ways to get started, either buy a kit which comes with a variety of bodies, tails, rattles, and glue or buy the individual packs of bodies and tails.   


Pick a body… Pick a tail… Pick a color… Create Your Bait


Make sure to show us how you #createyourbait on social media! 

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