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  • How do I bond the bodies and tails?
    A bottle of glue is included in the Create Your Bait kits and demo packs.
  • Is there a specific way to glue the tail to the body?
    Create Your Bait pieces bond best by brushing glue inside of the body cavity and on the peg of the tail. Insert the peg of the tail into the cavity of the body and hold firmly together for at least 30 seconds. While holding, gently squeeze to release any air pockets out of the body cavity to allow for a better bond. Place on a flat surface and let the glue dry. Note: While Create Your Bait Glue will bond your lure together in as quickly as 5 minutes, results do vary between different pieces. For maximum strength, we recommend you allow your lure to sit for 20-30 minutes. You can also find more information by visiting our “How To” page.
  • I bought a kit, but want more tails or bodies. What are my replacement options?"
    Create Your Bait pieces can be purchased in two ways - kits or refill packs. Kits contain an assortment of different tails, bodies, rattles, and a bottle of glue. Refill packs allow you to buy the different styles of bodies or tails in 1 color at a time.
  • Will more colors be available?
    We will be releasing new colors monthly as they become available. Be sure to sign up on our email list to be the first to know about new color drops. Don’t see your favorite color on our website? Drop us an email to let us know what color you want to see.
  • Would you like to see photos or videos of different baits and of them catching fish?
    Absolutely, in fact we plan to include pics of interesting designs and videos of fish being caught on CYB baits. PLUS, we’ve partnered with the nationally aired television show, Find Your Outdoors, and plan to showcase our customers catching fish on Create Your Bait. Be sure to share your #createyourbait story to our social media pages and your video may be selected to appear on TV.
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