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Outdoor Intro Bundle

Outdoor Intro Bundle


- CYB Intro Bonus Kit ($39.95)

The Intro Bonus Kit includes over 100 pieces of Create Your Bait assorted custom tackle parts. There are 6 body styles (grub, fluke, worms, frog, lizard, and beaver) and 6 tail styles (lizard, craw, split, short swim tail, narrow ribbon, and beaver) in a mixed variety of color combinations. Also included is a bottle of Insta-Bond glue and 10 glass rattles. THIS LIMITED TIME INTRO OFFER includes a bonus pack of premade Create Your Bait lures with 4 custom shad, 2 rattle swim baits, 2 tubes, and 1 10-inch Mega-Worm.

- Rig-A-Jig Standard Kit ($34.95)

The RIG-A-JIG Standard Kit is a specially designed package for the Jig fisherman offering all of our uniquely colored Jig Skirts (20), along with (8) of our Tungsten Weedless Jig Heads. This kit includes the following:

4 - 3/8oz Weedless Tungsten Jig Heads

4 - 1/4oz Weedless Tungsten Jig Heads

2 - Kamikaze Jig Skirts

2 - Bayou Blue Gill Jig Skirts

2 - Neon Shad Jig Skirts

2 - Electric Forest Jig Skirts

2 - Craw Daddy Jig Skirts

2 - Watermelon Smash Jig Skirts

2 - Pumpkin Patch Jig Skirts

2 - Delta Fire Craw Jig Skirts

2 - Midnight Sky Jig Skirts

2 - Cajun Craw Jig Skirts